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About Us

Clip 'n Climb Cambridge is owned by Beth and Chris Walthew, Directors of Walthew Leisure.  Walthew Leisure is an independent, family-run company based in Cambridge.

Beth and Chris

Hello there,

We are the owners of Clip ‘n Climb Cambridge. Here’s the story so far about how the centre came about and our adventures since we opened in summer 2016.

We first came across Clip ‘n Climb in 2015, when we took our daughter to the Clip ‘n Climb in Exeter. Seeing how much she got from her experience there, really inspired us to look to set one up one for Cambridge.

It took us over 6 months to find a suitable location in Cambridge and were delighted to find the premises we are in now, close to the city centre, the right height, and easily accessible and with nearby parking – a real find in Cambridge!

We welcome 50,000 visitors every year, hosting climbers coming with their youth group, schools, businesses, coming to celebrate a birthday party as well as just climbing for fun.

Our centre motto is ‘be proud of what you can achieve’ and the biggest highlight for us is seeing the diverse range of people who are able to participate and feel proud about themselves. This is helped by climbing itself being a wonderful sport for inclusion, because it’s about challenging yourself and achievement on your own terms, no matter how high, fast or stylishly you actual go about it. The walls cater for a very wide range of abilities and confidence levels, as well as being colourful and fun!

We’ve received a huge number of heart-warming testimonials and reviews, but this one is my favourite, which was sent to me within the first month of opening:

"I would just like to extend my thanks to you and your team today for making our family outing such a happy one. One member of your staff in particular (Eleni) took great care to ensure that my middle child who has severe autism, was well looked after during our visit. She spent a lot of time helping him on the ladder, which he loved. Outings can be quite challenging for us as a family but Eleni and the rest of the Clip and Climb team made it very easy for us today."

Our charity and community work form a massive part of what we do here at the centre, and we're proud to make climbing as accessible as possible.  We gift £40,000 of climbing places each year, to either support discrete groups of climbers, or to fundraise for local causes.

My biggest message of thanks goes out to the staff at Clip ‘n Climb Cambridge.  We take our customer service very seriously, and were awarded a national award for Customer Service in 2019.  As well as seeing customers enjoying the centre, it is great seeing the team look after our customers with care and courtesy and personally develop and professionally through their time working with us.

Thanks for reading and look forward to welcoming you for your next visit to Clip ‘n Climb Cambridge.

Best wishes,

Beth and Chris Walthew, Owners of Clip ‘n Climb Cambridge

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