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How we are managing the centre post-lockdown

While these are unprecedented times, as a climbing centre, safety has always been our top priority, so we take this experience and mindset into how we are managing Covid-19. We have put comprehensive controls in place to ensure the safety of our visitors and staff, while at the same time still giving you an amazing climbing experience.

Information on the guidelines we are following

Our ‘Clip ‘n Climb’ walls are manufactured by Entre-prises, one of the world’s largest climbing wall companies. They provide clear written guidelines on how to run climbing sessions, maintain the climbing equipment and train staff, which we follow as the basis of how we run our climbing operations. They have produced a COVID 19 Advisory Guide that outlines how UK centres using Clip ‘n Climb equipment should reopen and operate in the face of Covid-19, and follows guidance from sources including UK Active (the UK's leading health body for the physical activity sector) and the Association of British Climbing Walls. In addition, we have taken guidance from our Health & Safety advisors, Encompass, and Cambridge and Milton Keynes Councils, where our centres are based.These organisations give us access to the comprehensive and practical guidelines we need to operate safely but at the same time, in a way that still keeps our centres the places our staff love working in and our customers love coming to.

Managing our capacity and booking policies

We have calculated our capacities based on advice from Public Health England. When we reopen, we are reducing our capacity by more than the guidelines allow for, to avoid the risk of overcrowding, particularly with accounting for both climbers and non-climbers in the building.Our booking policies and instructions have also been amended to help manage capacity, social distancing and other safety measures in the centre. We will review our capacities and booking policies as guidance changes and against how they work in practice. Changes will be only be introduced if with reasonable customer self-policing and compromise, you can still climb comfortably and safely at our centre and remain the social distancing requirement from others.

Managing your journey through our centre

As well as managing the numbers that are able to come into the building, we are managing social distancing through floor markings, signage and staff monitoring.There will be instances when climbing instructors need to get closer than standard social distancing guidelines, for example, checking your harness is fitted correctly. These instances will be kept to a minimum and our instructors will be wearing additional PPE for this.

We would appreciate it if you would wear a face mask unless you are climbing, sitting at a table, under 11 or have a specific reason why you can't wear a face mask.  Please read our full advice on facemasks.

Clip, Climb, Clean

The most important hygiene measure is for you to sanitise your hands on entering the building and to do this regularly throughout your visit.There are sanitiser stations throughout the building, including on the climbing arena.

On the climbing arena the motto for climbers is ‘Clip, Climb, Clean’. You should sanitise your hands after at least every two walls you climb, preferably after every wall.

Our cleaning schedule

Carrying on from the measures we introduced before lockdown, we have implemented an increased cleaning schedule for all areas of the centre, particularly high touch points 

The cleaning schedule includes actions that are completed every session, every day and every week. Cleaning reports are completed and filed for record keeping.   

We are using antiviral cleaner and disinfectant products which are effective against enveloped viruses such as Coronavirus.


A final note

Please be patient and respectful with our staff and other customers during your visit. Please read our updated booking information, as some things have significantly changed since we were last open.  Let's work together to keep ourselves safe and healthy, while enjoying the amazing climbing experience.

Best wishes,

Beth and Chris Walthew, Owners