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> Clip ‘n Climb Cambridge after 19th July 2021

Clip ‘n Climb Cambridge after 19th July 2021

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Clip ‘n Climb Cambridge after 19th July 2021

On 19th July, many restrictions lifted in the UK.  We’ve spent a lot of time thinking of the set up of Clip ‘n Climb Cambridge and keeping our staff and customers safe.  We have a situation, which a lot of other leisure operators have, of having a young workforce.  Many have not been double vaccinated and won’t be until the end of the summer at the earliest.  We have therefore opted to keep a few things in place for the Summer Holidays, and will then make another decision about whether they need to remain or go.

  • Our team will still be wearing face masks. We understand that many people will now choose not to wear masks, but we would appreciate it if you would when you’re walking around the centre.
  • Parents no longer need to come onto the arena to help clip climbers in; our team can help climbers more. We still welcome up to 5 parents per session who have a climber who is either 6 or under, has additional needs or is particularly nervous.  If you are going onto the arena, please attend the safety briefing, and wear a high-vis vest.  If you have any questions about this please email our Front of House team before your visit.  There are no longer spectator/helper tickets available.
  • We are still operating a reduced capacity.
  • There is no longer a maximum of one adult per booking; other spectators are now allowed in the building.
  • We can now welcome parties of between 8 and 12 climbers. All parties will be held in our gazebo outside.  We will no longer offer climbing-only parties, but you can book larger groups for our Climbing Sessions.
  • We have our tables back on our mezzanine level for spectators.
  • We will still display the Track and Trace QR code for you to use, should you wish.
  • We will still be operating an enhanced cleaning schedule.

Thanks for supporting us to have a great Summer Holiday.