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> The Rule of 6, and booking in your climbing

The Rule of 6, and booking in your climbing

Rule of 6

The Rule of 6, and booking in your climbing

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement, as of 14th September 2020, we are not allowed to accept individual booking of more than six people, unless that group is from one household, or part of a Youth Group.

To make booking as easy as possible, we have changed some of our offering:

• All tickets for each session are now the same price for everyone, so you just need to book in the number of climbers including children and adults. Our online system now limits bookings to 5 climbers per booking (6 for adult-only sessions).

• With each booking, you can also add one free helper/spectator ticket. For children under 13 years old, this helper/spectator needs to be over 18. If your group are children aged 10 or below, they may need some help on the arena from the helper/spectator. Our Climbing Team will also help them. If they are fine with our Belaymate clipping system, you don’t need to enter the arena, and can relax and watch them, coffee in hand!

• If you are coming to one of our adult-only sessions, our booking system will allow you to book for a maximum of 6 climbers.

• If your group does not need a helper/spectator because you are all over 13 years old, but you are booking for a general climbing session, we will be able to extend your booking to 6 climbers in one booking. Please email or call the centre to make this booking.

• If you would like to make a booking of more than 5 climbers and you are all in the same household, please email or call the centre to make your booking.

• If you are a leader of a Youth Group and you would like to make a booking, please email or call the centre.

Celebrate in style with our small but perfectly formed birthday parties!

The booking that this new Rule of 6 most affects is our birthday parties. We can now only accept individual bookings of 5 climbers and 1 helper/spectator per household.

We are still offering our take-away pizza and climbing-only birthday parties on Thursday – Sundays, plus our Extreme Birthday Parties on Thursday and Fridays for either 4 or 5 climbers.  Find out more on our Cambridge Birthday Parties page.

As with all of these things, the primary thing is to keep everyone safe. We hope that you will support us with these new guidelines.