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> The Staircase Challenge

The Staircase Challenge

Staircase Challenge

The Staircase Challenge

Clip ‘n Climb Cambridge closed it’s doors for the Covid-19 lockdown in March, so we’ve had quite a bit of time without climbing our favourite walls.  So…..welcome to The Staircase Challenge!

The Clip ‘n Climb Cambridge Staircase Challenge is based on climbing to their height of well-known landmarks, using the stairs or steps in your house.  We have five here in our YouTube playlist:  Big Ben, Blackpool Tower, Buckingham Palace, The Shard and The Eiffel Tower.

Climbing the buildings in the Staircase Challenge is not for the faint hearted, but it makes it easier if you do it over a few days, or get members of your family or friends to help you.  You could even do a virtual Staircase Challenge and add all of the stairs climbed together.

In these videos, sometimes we have used a staircase, and other times, just one step.

Why not give one or all of them a go!  It’s been great to see people’s unique Staircase Challenges, so post yours to our Facebook profile.

Become and keen climber?  Why not come and visit us at Clip ‘n Climb Cambridge to climb our fantastic walls!  Book now!

Good luck!!