Autism-Friendly and SEND Climbing


Autism-friendly and SEND climbing in Cambridge

At Clip ’n Climb Cambridge, we passionately share an ethos around inclusion for all, running specific Autism- friendly and SEND sessions. We support groups and individuals to challenge themselves and promote healthy lifestyle activities. We try and support as many people as possible to try climbing through our regular events, work with charities and groups, and through 1:1 activities.

Our friendly instructors are always on hand to help people climb at Clip ’n Climb Cambridge.


Where climbing centre meets theme park, climbers in our Autism-Friendly and SEND sessions can experience over 20 amazing looking challenges, that are suitable for all ages, abilities and confidence levels. There are assistance climbing hoists for climbers with physical disabilities and the activity is extremely successful for children with autism. We are very proud of the fantastic feedback we receive for our SEND sessions particularly around how accessible the activity is and how it helps build confidence.

Our centre motto is ‘be proud of what you can achieve’. Climbers get a huge sense of pride from what they achieve on the Clip ’n Climb Cambridge walls. Parents feel an amazing sense of pride seeing their children develop in confidence over their climbing session.


Public SEND

On the 3rd Sunday morning of every month, Clip ‘n Climb Cambridge runs a special session for those climbers with special educational needs. We provide as calm an environment as possible for all members of the family to climb and siblings are welcome to join the session. We turn the music right down if needed, and there are plenty of instructors to help. We also restrict numbers in the session to 14.

We also run these sessions on selected dates in the school holidays. Tickets can be booked in advance through our booking site.


We are very been fortunate to work with Spectrum, a multi-award winning, parent led charity, providing events and support for families of children with Autism, additional needs, learning difficulties and disabilities. We are working with them to hold one session a month for their members. They have also run various fundraising events, including the same height as Mount Everest in one session! All places on these sessions are booked through Spectrum.

Booking your own event

If you would like to organise your own event, please contact us on 01223 941 700 or email us to discuss availability of sessions.


Booking Information

Additional information

Visual Story

We have worked with various SEND group leaders and teachers to put together a Visual Story for visiting Clip ’n Climb, so you can find out more about the centre in advance.

Download SEND flyer

You can download our flyer to share with your school, group, charity, friends and family to let them know about our Autism-friendly and SEND sessions.

Climbing Hoist

The centre has a climbing hoist that we can use to help those who find it difficult to climb. We can help two people per session with the hoist. If you would like to pre-book the hoist for your child, please email or call us. The hoist is not in operation all the time, and needs to be set up, so we need to know that you would like to use it. You are very welcome to arrange a time to visit the centre before your session to meet some of our instructors, and to be shown the walls and hoist.

Visiting the centre

If you would like to visit the centre to assess whether it’s an activity that is right for you, or whether you need extra assistance when you’re here, please contact us on 01223 941 700 or email us to arrange a time.

Resources and Downloads

Visual Story Template for Clip ’n Climb Trips (Summary)
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Fantastic place to take your children climbing to get them out of the house doing some exercise. Loads of different walls and difficulties, we have been coming here for years. The harnesses and clipping system are great.
Daniel B
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