Little Rockers


Fun and exciting toddler activity in Cambridge

At weekends, Little Rockers sessions are run every Saturday, plus the 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month. During the week, sessions are run every Thursday and Friday during school term time, and then at selected times during school holidays.


There are tons of benefits your child will get from their pre-school climbing sessions at Clip ’n Climb. They get to experience an adventurous activity in a colourful and stimulating environment. Your child will gain confidence as they become more familiar with the walls. They will also become more physically confident by improving their balance, agility, co-ordination, strength and fine and gross motor skills.

Our centre motto is ‘be proud of what you can achieve’. Children get a huge sense of pride from what they achieve on the Clip ’n Climb walls. Parents feel an amazing sense of pride seeing their children develop in confidence over their climbing session.


Little Rockers sessions are every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, plus extra sessions during school holidays. Please check our booking site for availability.

The session lasts 1 hour: 15 minutes for introduction and harnessing, 40 minutes climbing 5 minutes de-harnessing. The minimum age is 2 and minimum weight is 12kg (1.8 stone). Old siblings are welcome to climb at the same time, but the format is aimed at under 4s.


Booking Information

Booking in advance is strongly recommended as each session has a limited number of climbers, so sessions often sell out.  We ask that one adult is available to go onto the arena with each Little Rocker to help with clipping.

Join our Little Rockers Facebook group

Our Facebook Group is specifically for parents and guardians of pre-schooler, and a place that we share ideas, special offers and details about our Little Rockers sessions. Join our group!

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£11.99 per climber
Group Size
Age Range
2-4 years. Older siblings welcome
60 minutes inc briefing
Fridays, Saturdays and selected times during school holidays
Cafe available
Extreme Challenges
Fantastic place to take your children climbing to get them out of the house doing some exercise. Loads of different walls and difficulties, we have been coming here for years. The harnesses and clipping system are great.
Daniel B
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