Complete a nationally accredited rock climbing qualification

Clip ’n Climb Cambridge presents a fun, safe, inclusive way for children to work towards a nationally accredited rock climbing qualification, with the NICAS® Clip programme. NICAS® (National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme) is The Association of British Climbing Walls Training Trust (ABCTT®) is a small educational charity who deliver progressive incentive schemes that provide a gateway from indoor climbing into a pathway of life-long participation in rock climbing and mountaineering.

Clip ’n Climb offers a 12-week course that covers both the NICAS® Clip Foundation and Advanced programmes. Both programmes are recommended for climbers that are 8 years and above.


Over the course of 12 weeks, this programme will introduce climbers to the techniques needed for indoor climbing, developing their awareness of climbing movements, and improving their confidence. Climbers will work individually and in groups, developing teamwork, balance, communication, co-ordination and agility. There are lots of games, as well as the opportunity to climb their favourite walls at the centre.

During the first 6 weeks, climbers will follow the Foundation Course, that is for climbers that are new to the NICAS® Clip programme. After completion of this course, they can go on to the NICAS® Clip Advanced Programme. The Advanced Programme is open to climbers that have completed the Foundation Programme. Over the second 6 weeks of their programme, they will extend their knowledge of climbing.

Climbers will work individually and in groups, developing footwork, co-ordination, shifting their weight and buddy work. Climbers will work their way through a logbook that they will keep, and be awarded a NICAS® certificate and cloth badge at the end of the course. This programme is led by NICAS®-trained team members at Clip ‘n Climb Cambridge, who will work with your child.


NICAS® Clip courses are run after school during term time. We schedule sessions in once we have a waiting list of at least 5 climbers and each course is for a maximum of 10 climbers.

We recommend that climbers are 8 years old before they start this course. The course is instructor led, and therefore we anticipate that parents will not be on the arena unless the climber has additional needs. While the programme is taking place, feel free to relax in our café with free Wi-Fi.  Please note that if your child is under 13 years old, you will have to stay in the centre.


The 12-week course is £140 per climber. You pay £70 at the start of the 6-week Foundation Programme and then the remaining £70 at the start of the subsequent 6-week Advanced Programme. We’re sure your child will love their first 6 weeks and get a huge amount from it, but there is no obligation to carry on to the Advance Programme.

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Just wanted to say how impressed I was with your team today. My daughter was in the 3pm session, and they were helped throughout to overcome their nerves and finally (after 3 visits!) brave letting the harness take them down. They are looking forward to their next visit, and are going to challenge themselves to get all the way up the hexagon wall!
Matthew A
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